How to Play
Collect golds to get bigger
Kill others to collect their golds
Mouse: move cursor, click to attack
Keyboard: WASD, arrows move and SPACE to attack
Mobile:drag with one finger, tap with second finger to attack
Keep attack pressed longer to focus and make a special dash attack

Yohoho ,the swashbuckling unblocked pirate battle royale, might be blocked on your school or work network. Fear not, landlubbers! This guide will help you chart a course to glory, even on restricted waters.

Why is Blocked? Schools and workplaces often restrict access to online games to minimize distractions and maintain internet bandwidth., with its addictive gameplay, might fall under this category. Uncharted Waters: Alternative Routes to Here be some ways to set sail for without getting caught in the doldrums: Official Alternatives: The developers themselves offer alternative domains for the game, like or These mirror the original gameplay on a different web address. Unblocked Games Websites: Several websites specialize in providing access to blocked games at school or work. Be cautious though, as some of these sites might be unreliable or contain ads. Remember These Points Before You Set Sail: School/Work Policy: Always prioritize your school or work's policies. If online gaming is strictly prohibited, respect the rules. Security: When using unblocked games websites, exercise caution. Look for reputable sites and avoid downloading anything suspicious. Performance: Unblocked game sites might experience lag or performance issues due to high traffic. Yohoho! Fair Winds and Following Seas With a little ingenuity, you can still enjoy the thrill of even if it's blocked on your usual network. Just remember to prioritize your responsibilities and choose safe browsing practices. Now go forth, collect that loot, and become the most fearsome pirate on the seven seas!
Records Last Best Total
Kills 0 0 0
Loot 0 0 0
Time survived 0s 0s 0s
Drag with one finger, tap with second finger to attack
Keep second finger pressed longer to focus and make a special dash attack
Your browser does not support WebGL, the game will suffer display and performance issues. Please read the help for further advice
12345 Pick yer character pet
Your pet regenerates: 10 Health Points/s
Upgrade for 12345
"Dead men tell no tales..."
Ye have been killed by someone
Ye survived 1 min 13s and placed #32
Ye killed x scallywag(s) and plundered 15
Yer booty is now 1234
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